Lombardy Fair

Presented by the Lombardy Ag. Society

Things are always busy around the Lombardy Agricultural Society so why should
January & February be any different 🙂

Over the last several weeks our beloved hall has had all the panels along the walls removed,
sanded & re-stained; the hall painted; bar area painted and completed with new bar tops at
both the bar & coffee bar locations; PLUS the stage has had beautiful flooring installed!

We are SOOOOO lucky to have a great crew of volunteers that allows us to
continue with these upgrades.

A huge THANK YOU to Steve, Gerry, Bonnie, Judy, Aline, Earl, Al and creative mind,
Nora for their continued creativity, hard work and perseverance!

Here are a few photos of all the work in progress.

I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
















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