Lombardy Fair

Presented by the Lombardy Ag. Society

2017 Results


JUNIOR WORK Most Points Section A Landen Richmond
Most Points Section B Lila Richmond
Most Points Section C Maryn Hunter
Most Points Section D Zoe Ingleby
JUNIOR GARDEN Most Points Section E Jorja Deveau Peddie
Most Points Section F Jayda Moore
JUNIOR FIELD CROPS Most Points Section G Riley Dwyre
Most Points Section G Maryn Hunter and
Hazel Robertson
JUNIOR BAKING Most Points Section A Charlie McGrath
Most Points Section B Lila Richmond
Most Points Section C Maryn Hunter
Most Points Section D Zoe Ingleby
JUNIOR POSTER Up to and including grade 4 Craig Robertson
INTERMEDIATE POSTER Grades 5 to 8 Hazel Robertson
PHOTOGRAPHY Highest Points Laurie Weir
FLORAL CULTURE Highest Points Joan Irvine
Best Display Joan Irvine
CULINARY ARTS Bake Queen of the Fair Aline Hicks
Highest Points 1 – 36 Collette Seward
HOMECRAFTS Highest Points 1 – 42 Joan Irvine
Highest Points 42 – 83 Margaret Kelk
Christmas Corner Heather Buchan
Best Quilt – Hand stitched Margaret Kelk
Best Quilt – Machine stitched Heather Buchan
O.A.A.S Quilt Margaret Kelk
BOTTLED GOODS Highest Points Joan Irvine
Male Kaleb Mabo
DEMOLITION DERBY 4 Cylinder Class Tyler Weatherdon
6 Cylinder Class Chris Parks
8 Cylinder Class Les Baird
Grudge Match Chris Parks
5500 Class Scott Pattemore
6500 Class Glen Cowan
7500 Class Willie Huckabone
8500 Class Stephen Whitney
FARM STOCK TRACTOR 6500 Class Ryan Foley
7500 Class Ryan Foley
8500 Class Ryan Foley
9500 Class Robert Dobma
10500 Class David Lightbody
TRUCK PULL Under 6500 Stock – Gas Rob Laderoute
Under 7500 Stock – Gas Rob Laderoute
Under 8500 Stock – Gas Ryan Foley
Under 8500 Stock – Diesel Brandon Pierce
Under 8500 Chip – Diesel Thomas Reid
Open Tom Saunders
LOMBARDY RAFFLE Freezer and side of Pork Garry “Beep” Dalgleish
Barbeque Diane Dybala
FRYING PAN TOSS First Marie- Helene Drummond
Second Cindy Elliott
Third Ashley McGibbon
MYSTERY ITEM No winner – held over until next year
HORSE/PONY PULL SMALL PONY Brian Ramsey – Percy & Peanut
Troy Wicken – Gerry & Bennie
Blaine Way- Brite & Rusty
Blaine Way – June & Rocket
LARGE PONY Ken Uens – Frank & Kelly
Ken Uens – Jim & Roy
Pete Marshall – Kate & Gypsy
Troy Wicken – Scoot & Sam
LIGHT HORSE Brent Gabie – Pete & Doc
Shawn Gabie – Barney & Dan
Brent Gabie – Dollie & Frankie
Ed Rosewell – Pete & Ted
HEAVY HORSE Brent Gabie – Dan & Banner
Alex Thibeault – Bob & Chuck
Shawn Gabie – Doc & Rusty
Yves Proulx – Billy & Tom
Children’s Passport Challenge Brennen Jaegal


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