Lombardy Fair

Presented by the Lombardy Ag. Society

Prize Lists 2017

Lombardy Fair – 2017 PRIZE LIST

Section F (Seed & Grain)
Section G (Garden Produce)
Section JW (Junior Work)
Section P (Photography)
Section R (Floral Culture)
Section S (Culinary arts)
Section U (Bottled goods)
Section T (Homecrafts)
Section WW (Wood Working)

Exhibitor entry forms, tags, and numbers will be available at the Lombardy Agricultural Hall on the Tuesday prior to the Fair opening, from 6 – 8 PM. Entry drop off Thursday evening 6 – 9 PM with pick-up Monday at 4 PM.

Click here for the Entry Form (PDF)

Click here to download Rules and Regulations (PDF)


Section F – SEED & GRAIN

pdf icon copy

Chairperson: Earl Hicks
Committee: Liza Harrison, James Harrison, Matthew Visser
Entry fee is 10% of prize money
(Updated March 2, 2017)

Rules & Regulations:

a) All rules of the fair shall apply.
b) Only one entry per farm per class.
c) Classes may be current or previous year’s crop.
d) All exhibits must be in place between 6 & 9 pm the Thursday before the fair opens.
e) For hay classes, the flake of hay should be in a plastic bag supplied by the Fair.
f) All grain exhibits should be displayed in plastic bags supplied by the Fair.


Class …………… Description

  1. Oats 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  2. Barley – 2 row 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  3. Barley – 6 row 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  4. Soybeans (Previous years crop) 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  5. Ear Corn (current year) 5 ears
  6. Shelled Corn 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  7. Haylage 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  8. Corn Silage 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  9. High Moisture Corn (not processed) 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.
  10. Sheath of Oats 7 cm. diameter
  11. Sheath of Barley 7 cm. diameter
  12. Sheath of Corn   (Silage) 6 stalks
  13. Sheath of Corn   (Grain) 6 stalks
  14. Hay – 1st cut, 85% or more legume 1 flake
  15. Hay – 1st cut, 85% or more grass 1 flake
  16. Hay – 2nd cut, 85% or more legume 1 flake
  17. Hay – 2nd cut, 85% or more grass 1 flake
  18. Baleage – in a plastic bag.

PRIZE MONEY: Classes 1 – 18

            1st – $6.00, 2nd – $5.00, 3rd – $3.00


pdf icon copyChairperson: Earl Hicks.
Committee: Liza Hicks, James Harrison, Naomi Loucks & Amy McNeely.
(Updated March 2, 2017)


Class …………… Description

  1. 6 Beans, – Tip & stem attached.
  2. 6 Beans, novelty – variety named, Tip & stem attached.
  3. 3 Beets, red globe – tops trimmed to 2.5cm.
  4. 3 Beets, novelty – variety named, tops trimmed to 3cm.
  5. Broccoli, 1 head.
  6. Cabbage, 1 head.
  7. 3 Carrots, table use – tops trimmed to 2.5cm.
  8. 3 Ears Sweet Corn – 1/3 husk removed, variety named.
  9. Cucumbers – 4 pickling, 5-10cm, stem attached.
  10. Cucumbers – 3 slicing, 15cm and over, stem attached
  11. Lettuce – variety named.
  12. Kale 4 stems.
  13. 3 Leeks – tops 10-15cm, roots neatly trimmed.
  14. 5 Onions, white for bunching.
  15. 3 Red Onions – unpeeled, trimmed roots & tops.
  16. 3 Spanish Onions – unpeeled, trimmed roots & tops.
  17. 5 Peas, Edible pod.
  18. 2 Peppers, sweet – stem attached.
  19. 2 Hot Peppers – variety named, stem attached.
  20. 1 Squash, summer – Stem attached.
  21. Tomatoes, Cherry – 1 cluster, variety named.
  22. 3 Tomatoes, table – variety named.
  23. 3 Heritage Tomatoes – variety named.
  24. 3 Tomatoes, plum.
  25. 3 Garlic bulbs.
  26. Potted herb – named.
  27. 3 Red Potatoes – variety named.
  28. 3 White Potatoes – variety named.
  29. 3 Rhubarb stems – pulled, leaf trimmed to 5cm.
  30. A watermelon.
  31. Any vegetable not listed in a previous class.
  32. Maple syrup – from a hobby operation of 500 or less taps.
  33. “Do you see what I see?” – A vegetable that looks like something else. Please name what you think it looks like.
  34. “Picked from the garden” A basket of garden produce.

Prize Money Classes 1 – 33

1st – $4.00, 2nd – $3.00, 3rd – $2.00

Prize Money Classes 34

1st – $10.00, 2nd – $5.00, 3rd – $2.00


pdf icon copyChairperson: Ashley Adey
Entry Fee is 10% of prize money
(Updated March 2, 2017)

Photography Rules:

a) Image size no larger than 5”x 7”.
b) Mounting board must not exceed 6” x 8”.
– Colour of your choice.
c) Digital photography is welcome in all classes.
d) Only one image – unless specified.
e) Do not put plastic over the photos.
f) All rules of the fair shall apply.

Please Note:
The judge, Mr. Roger Sands, is a nationally accredited judge who will be looking at colour quality, composition, sharp focus as well as the interpretation of the class.

1) Best winter farm scene.
2) Photo bomb.
3) Take me home country road. (Road, pathway, or trail)
4) At the bird feeder.
5) Look alike – parent and child taken at the same age, mounted on same board.
6) Best Selfie.
7) Colour pop. (One colour is prominent in photo)
8) BFF’s. (best friends forever)
9) Snow much fun.
10) Tis the season – your favourite picture from the holiday season.
11) Close up – one flower or bloom.
12) Perfectly timed – (Something big appears small, something small appears big) e.g. Moon on your finger.
13) What a catch (fishing).
14) Computer generated art work. – 1 photo, 5” x 7” mounted.


15) A peek at the past. – 2 pictures of a past Lombardy Fair. – please state the year if known.
16)Ebony and Ivory – your favourite photo in colour and processed in black and white; both 5” x 7” and mounted on the same board.
17)Display a painting from a Paint Night

Prize Money – Classes: 1-14
1st – $4.00, 2nd – $3.00, 3rd – $2.00

Prize Money – Class: 15 & 17
1st – $10.00, 2nd – $5.00
Highest points Classes 1 – 14:
$35.00 donated by G & N Contracting, Lombardy, Ontario.

Section R- Floral Culture

pdf icon copyChairperson: Judy Kelly
Judging: The Friday morning of the Fair
(Updated March 2, 2017)

As we are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, we have asked the exhibitor to use either red or white flowers (reflecting the Red and White colours of our flag) in some of our classes.


a) Entry Fee is 10% of prize money
b) All entries must be received from 6 – 9 pm the Thursday prior to the Fair opening.
c) All exhibits are open to amateur gardeners only.
d) All plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for a minimum of three months to qualify as having been grown by the exhibitor.
e) Do not use containers of value, as the Fair Board cannot be responsible for loss of containers.
f) The use of Loosestrife is prohibited.
g) All rules of the fair shall apply.


Hints for exhibitors:

  • All exhibits should be attractively arranged.
  • Use sturdy containers for tall flowers (ie. Gladiolas).
  • No pot should exceed 12” unless otherwise stated.
  • Flowers to be shown with foliage where ever possible as points are given for foliage on the flower exhibited.
  • Flowers should be as uniform as possible.
  • Make sure to measure the diameter or height of the exhibit. (ie. Blooms where applicable)
  • The exhibit should contain the exact number of stems, blooms, flowers, or leaves specified.
  • Grooming makes for a more attractive exhibit. Removal of wilted petals, chewed leaves, debris on or in the pot, pollen, or dust is advised.
  • Do not leave seed heads on the exhibit.
  • For taller stems and larger containers cedar may be used to hold the stems in place. The cedar used as a filler must not show above the container level.
  • A bloom is an individual flower; one per stem.
  • A stem is a plant structure carrying one or more flowers and or buds. If a bud is not open and not showing any colour it does not count as a bloom and it is a good idea to remove it.
  • A spray is a portion of plant with numerous flowers.


Read carefully the requirements for each class: i.e. if a specimen is to be 3 inches and under, it is advisable to measure the blooms; try to exhibit blooms of the same size.

Class …………… Description

1)   Sedum – 3 stalks, 3 different varieties, not to exceed 18” including the vase.

2)   Bachelor’s Buttons – 3 stems, any variety.

3)   Hosta Leaves – 3 different varieties, 2 stems of each variety.

4)   Calendula – 3 stems.

5)   Cosmos – 3 stems, any variety.

6)   Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) – 3 stems.

7)   Marigold – 3 stems, blooms to measure 2” and under.

8)   Marigold – 3 stems, blooms to measure over 2”.

9)   Pansy – 3 stems.

10) Petunia – single, 3 stems of either red or white, or red and white variegated.

11) Petunia – double, 3 stems of either red or white, or red and white variegated.

12) Phlox – white, 3 stems.

13) Phlox – any colour except white, 3 stems.

14) Echinacea (Coneflower) – 3 stems, any colour other than purple.

15) Rudbeckia – 3 stems, any colour and variety.

16) Roses – single stem of either red or white.

17) Snapdragon – 3 spikes.

18) Diantus – 3 stems of either red or white.

19) Zinnia – 3 stems of either red or white.

20) 3 stems of any variety of flower not in classes 1-19, named please

21) “Fairy Garden” – a dish garden planted with small live plant material and also miniature accessories.

22) Geranium single plant in bloom – any variety as grown in pot, red or white.

23) Coleus – single pot, at least 3 varieties.

24) Begonia – any variety as grown in pot, red or white

25) House plant – named as grown in pot.

26) A collection of cacti or succulents – 2 or more grown in a pot.

27) A single herb – named, as grown in pot.

28) African violet- single crown, flowering.

29) Impatient plant – red or white as grown in pot


30) “Backyard BBQ”-A patio pot or container using mainly red and white flowers, may be over 12”. 31) “Fireworks” – an arrangement of colourful annuals -at least 5 varieties – named.

32) “O Canada” – An arrangement for the table which is suitable for Canada’s Birthday Celebration – accessories may be used.

33) “A Tiger By The Tail” – an arrangement using tiger lilies and hosta leaves as the main plant material using an appropriately sized container.

34)    “Straw Berry Fields” – a bouquet of flowers and grasses found in the fields using a mason jar and suitable for a Canada Day Picnic.

35)    “Past My Prime” – an arrangement using spent flower heads. i.e. cone flower, allium heads, rose hips, etc.

36)    “Before the Maple Leaf – The Union Jack” – an arrangement of perennials, at least 5 named of red, white, & blue shades, accessories may be used.

37)    “Afternoon Tea” – an arrangement using

38) “Sweeter Than Wine” – An arrangement in a wine glass using red and white flowers

39) “You Are My Sunshine” – a single sunflower as grown in a pot.

Prize Money -Classes: 1 -29:

1st -$4.00, 2nd -$3.00, 3rd -$2.00.

Prize Money -Classes: 30-39:

1st -$6.00, 2nd -$4.00, 3rd -$3.00.

Prize Money – Best of Show: $20.00 – donated by Judy Kelly.

Highest points Classes 1 – 39: $25.00 – Sponsored by Aline Hicks.

The Best Display Classes 30 -39: $5.00



To help celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, we would like to invite people to create a Window box using Red and White Flowers as the focal point, adding fillers and spillers as accents to the box. Window box dimensions: Minimum size 24” to a Maximum size of 36” in length. NOTE: the exhibitor will provide their own window box. The window boxes will be displayed on a custom built wall in the Agricultural Pavilion for the public to see.

Prize Money Class 40 as follows:

Grand Champion $75.00.
Reserve Champion: $30.00
Third: $20.00
Fourth: $15.00
Fifth: $10.00
Window boxes are to be dropped off at the Fair’s Agricultural Pavilion on Thursday August 3rd from 6 pm to 9 pm and maybe picked up after 4 pm Monday, August 7th. For further information contact Aline Hicks at 613-283-5797.

Prize Money for this class is being donated by the Smith Falls Horticultural Society.


Section S – Culinary Arts

pdf icon copyChairperson – Ruth Shirley
Assistant – Eva Dryden & Collette Seward.
Judging: Friday morning of the Fair.
Entry Fee is 10% of prize money
(Updated March 2, 2017)


a) All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor.
b) The exhibitor shall not enter more than one article in each class.
c) All baking to be exhibited on disposable plates in large Ziplock plastic bags with the entry tag attached to the outside. (See photo of Ziplock) ziploc
d) Bread and rolls to be exhibited in plastic bags only.
e) No cake mixes, commercial dough or commercial pie fillings will be accepted unless stated.
f) Bars should be approximately 1½” x 2” and squares 1½” x 1½”.
g) All rules of the fair shall apply.


Class …………… Description


1) 1 Loaf of White Bread

2) 1 Loaf of Brown Bread

3) 4 Cinnamon Buns. (not individual).

4) 4 Plain Rolls

5) Bread Machine Loaf. (State the Kind)

Muffins & Biscuits (may use paper liners)

6) 3 Fruit Muffins. (name fruit)

7) 3 Bran Muffins. (with raisins)

8) 3 Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

9) 3 Apple Muffins.

10) 3 Tea Biscuits.

Cake and Fruit Loaf – (½ loaf or use mini loaf pans)

11) Large slice of Apple cake

12) Create your own loaf – named

13) Any Cake made with the cake mix as a starter. 1 large piece displayed on a plate. Please include the recipe.

14 Lemon Loaf

15) Banana Loaf – fruit & nuts allowed.

Pies(1 large piece on a small plate)

16) Blueberry Pie

17) Apple Pie

18) Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

19) 2 – crust Pie of your choice (name the Fruit)

20) Cooked Pastry Pie Shell – no filling

Cookies and Candy

21) 3 Oatmeal/Raison Drop Cookies.

22) 3 Peanut Butter Cookies.

23) 3 Ginger Cookies.

24) 3 Cookies – Exhibitor’s choice, not listed, named.

25) 3 Shortbread Cookies

26) 3 No bake cookies or squares of one kind.

Prize Money Classes 1-26:

            1st: $6.00, 2nd: $4.00, 3rd: $3.00

Bake Queen of the Fair:

Awarded to highest number of points in Classes 1 –26:

$25.00 prize donated by Eva Dryden.


27)    Cake in a mug.

28)    A Decorated Cake celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday – Maximum 9” X 13”. Will be served at the Fair Opening.

29)    Tomato Soup Cake – as per following recipe: 1 Cup sugar 2 tbsp. Butter or margarine 1 Can tomato soup 1 ½ cups flour 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp all spice 1 tsp ground cloves 1 cup raisins 1 cup chopped walnuts, optional Mix sugar and butter together. Add soup. Sift flour, baking soda, and spices, add to soup mixture. Add raisins and nuts. Pour batter into 8” X 8” pan. Bake at 350ºF for 45 minutes. Ice as desired.

30) 3 of Families Favourite Squares.

31) Family Heirloom Dessert Competition – enter your best family recipe made from scratch, suitable for a family or community dinner. Recipe should be before 1950.

Include history and copy of recipe.

32) Baked item using maple syrup.

33) 3 Butter tarts – no nuts or raisins.

34) 3 Brownies with nuts.

35) 3 Date Squares.

36) Gluten Free Item.

Prize Money Classes 27 – 36

1st: $10.00, 2nd: $5.00

Highest points classes 1 to 36:

$25.00 donated by Collette Seward.

37)    Make a baked item from an old cook book – display cookbook and recipe. Recipe must be 150 years or older. (single service eg. 3 cookies or 1 large piece)

38)    Special:

O.A.A.S. Butter Tarts Competition

Display 3 butter Tarts with raisins inside a clear plastic bag. (no nuts or any other fruit ) Winner will go to District Competition.

Prize Money Classes 37 & 38:

1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00 

                        Country Baking Contests

39) *** Robin Hood Best Lunchbox Snack Contest

Using Robin Hood flour, display 5 squares or bars on a plate with Robin Hood Flour label and recipe.

Prize Money:

      Class 39:   1st: $15.00.

40) *** Robin Hood Family Favourite Recipe Contest

– 5 Cookies (on plate) of your favourite recipe. Please include recipe and Robin Hood Flour label. Winner has a chance to win national prize.

Prize Money Class 40:

1st: $25.00 product certificate.

            2ND: $10.00 product certificate.

41) *** Crisco Family Favourite Muffins

– Using Crisco shortening or oil, display 3 muffins on a plate with recipe and Crisco label attached. Winner has a chance to win national prize.

Prize Money Class 41:

1st: $25.00 product certificate.

                        2ND: $10.00 product certificate.

Note: *** Prize monies pending notification of sponsors***

– All items will be judged on appearance, taste and texture as well as creativity and presentation. The Lombardy Fair Board agrees to send companies pictures of the prize winners, plus proof of purchase and recipes. All the winners will agree to sign a release form giving permission to the sponsor to use the winner’s name and /or photograph in any other advertising and publicity without payment.



Be sure to visit our Sponsors Websites for recipes and helpful baking hints:

         Robin Hood: www.robinhood.ca

         Crisco: www.criscocanada.com


Section U –Bottled Goods

pdf icon copyChairperson: Ruth Shirley
Assistant: Aline Hicks
Judging: 8:30 am the Friday morning of the fair.
Entry Fee is 10% of Prize Money
(Updated March 2, 2017)


a) All bottled goods must be displayed in 500 ml sealers except Jelly, Jams or Marmalade, which should be displayed in jam jars 250 ml. or 125 ml. – must have new lids.

b) All exhibits are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

c) The exhibitor shall not enter more than one article in any one section.

d) Exhibitor tag must be secured to the jar with an elastic.

e) Jars not sealed will not be judged except Freezer Jams.


g) All rules of the fair shall apply.


Class …………… Description

Jams, Jellies and Sauces

1. Strawberry Jam (tame)

2. Raspberry Jam (tame)

3. Marmalade (named)

4. Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam.

5. Strawberry Freezer Jam.

6. Any other fruit jam not listed. (named)

7. Red Pepper Jelly

8. Peach Jam.

9. Red Currant Jelly.

10. Apple Jelly.

11. Preserved Fruit (named)

12. Cranberry sauce.

13. Any other Fruit Jelly not listed. (named)


Pickles & Relish(TO BE IN 500ml JARS)

14. Pickled Beets.

15. Dill Pickles.

16. Relish of Your Choice. (not listed, named)

17. Sweet pickles.

18. Chili Sauce.

19. Bread & Butter Pickles.

20. Hot Dog Relish.

21. Salsa (Label “mild”, “medium”, or “hot”)

22. Pickled or Dilled Vegetable.

23. Icicle Pickles.

24. Any other pickle. (named)

25. Beer Barbeque Sauce – in a 250 or 125 ml jar

Recipe: ½ cup molasses ¼ cup Dijon mustard ½ cup chilli sauce 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce ½ cup minced onion ½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. pepper ½ cup beer Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Brush sauce on grillables. Place in a 250 ml. or 125 ml. jar.

Prize Money Classes 1-25:

                        1st: $4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00

Highest points Classes 1-25:

– $20.00 donated by Carol Joynt  





26. BEST OF SHOW AWARD Judges choice of best home canning entry from Classes 14 – 24. All eligible entries must be in a Bernardin jar sealed with a Bernardin Snap Lid.

Prize Money – Class 26

1st:$30.00 Bernardin gift certificate plus rosette prize ribbon.


250 ml. Jar of your Best Apple Jelly using Bernardin Pectin (Dry or Liquid). Must be submitted with package or label from Bernardin Pectin.

Prize Money – Class 27:

1st:$20.00 Bernardin gift certificate plus rosette prize ribbon.


Gift Basket or Container filled with at least 2 filled Bernardin jars sealed with Bernardin Lids. Gift Packs need not be in baskets. We encourage entrants to be creative with their presentation. May include other items. Winner selected based on creativity, taste, quality of home canned product, perceived value, and appropriateness of presentation. Must have itemized description & cost. Winner is eligible for the Bernardin National Gift Pack Competition.

Prize Money – Class 28

1st:$20.00 Bernardin gift certificate plus rosette prize ribbon.


Note: *** Prize monies pending notification of sponsors***.

-All items will be judged on appearance, taste and texture as well as creativity and presentation. The Lombardy Fair Board agrees to send companies pictures of the prize winners, plus proof of purchase and recipes. All the winners will agree to sign a release form giving permission to the sponsor to use the winner’s name and /or photograph in any other advertising and publicity without payment.

For recipes and helpful hints on home canning visit the Bernardin web site at www.bernardin.ca


Section T – Homecrafts

pdf icon copyChairperson: Bonnie Covell.
Judging: Friday, August 4, 2017.
Entry Fee – 10% of Prize Money
(Updated March 2, 2017)



a) All articles must be made by the exhibitor.

b) All articles must be clean. Soiled entries will not be judged.

c) Articles shown more than two years will be disqualified.

d) The exhibitor shall not enter more than one article in each Class.

e) All exhibits are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

f) All Exhibits must be dropped off at the Fair by 9:00 PM on the Thursday evening prior to the Fair .

g) All exhibits MUST be left in the building until 4:00 PM on the last day of the Fair.

h) All rules of the fair apply.

Note: “sma” means sample of material attached. “sya” means sample of yarn attached.


           Class …………… Description

Threads and Seams

  1. Blouse or shirt – sma.
  2. Apron, practical with bib – sma.
  3. Half apron – sma.
  4. Tea cozy – sewn, any size – sma.
  5. Adult bib – sma.
  6. Pillow case, any size – sma.
  7. Purse or backpack – sma.
  8. Article of sleepwear, adult – sma.
  9. An article made from 1 meter of material – sma.
  10. Sewn tote bag – sma.
  11. Article of children’s sleepwear – sma.
  12. Child’s jumper – sewn – sma.
  13. Cushion – 20” or under including trim – sma.
  14. Useful article made from sewing room scraps – sma.
  15. Travel bag for accessories – sma.
  16. A useful item to attach to a walker “walker pocket” – sma
  17. Microwave potholder – sma.
  18. “Celebrate Canada’s 150th” – an article of hand embroidery from the past – more then 25 years old.
  19. Baby Toddler food smock- sma
  20. “Taggie” Blanket for a child, maximum size is 18″x18″ – sma
  21. Two sewn potholders – sma.
  22. Table runner, quilted – sma
  23. Two matching placemats, quilted – sma.
  24. Article of traditional rug hooking – maximum 24” x 36” – sma.
  25. Wall hanging – quilted, maximum 48” x 48”, ready to hang, no panels – sma.


Knitting and Crocheting

26) Baby afghan, knit -sya.

27) Baby afghan, crocheted -sya.

28) Scarf, knit, any style or size ­-sya

29) Adult pullover sweater with sleeves, any weight -sya.

30) Cushion, knit or crocheted. Maximum size 20” x 20” ­sya.

31) Shawl, knit or crocheted -sya.

32) Adult’s knit or crocheted mittens -sya.

33) Adult socks, any weight -sya.

34) Pet sweater, knit or crocheted – sya.

35) Child’s Cardigan, knit -sya.

36) Child’s hat and mittens, knit -sya.

37) Child’s mittens, knit or crochet -sya.

38) Child’s socks, pair, knit -sya.

39) Child’s pullover sweater with sleeves -sya.

40) Baby’s crocheted jacket -sya.

41) Baby’s knit jacket -sya.

42) Novelty hat, knit or crocheted -sya.

Highest Points in Classes 1 -42: $25.00 – Donated by Lois Hunter


43) Soft toy, handmade, child safe – sma, sya.

44) A craft using lace doily(s) – doily may be purchased

45) Item made from recycled Lombardy Fair Prize Ribbons.

46) Wine bottle carrier, any medium.

47) A yarn wrapped monogram letter.

48) Decorated light bulb.

49) Any craft “As seen on Pinterest” -include copy of Pinterest pin -sma, sya.

50) Something new from something old.

51) Handmade book mark, any medium.

52) Sample of Adult’s colouring. -mounted.

53) Collection of old buttons creatively displayed.

54) An article of Broken Glass Art.

55) “Getting around to it” An unfinished project greater than 5 years old – note to be included stating when it was started and why you have not yet finished the article, 20 words or less

56) Wreath made with burlap, ready to hang.

Prize Money: Classes 1 – 56

1st: $6.00; 2nd: $ 4.00; 3rd: $ 2.00


57. Bernardin Snap Lid / Mason Jar Creative Craft Award.

– Best decorative or functional homemade craft made using a Bernardin mason jar(s) and/or 2-piece Snap Lid.

Prize Money – Class 57

1st:$20.00 Bernardin gift certificate plus rosette prize ribbon.



58) Celebrating Canada’s 150th compose a poem ­minimum of 8 lines.

59) A Small Antique Article -decorated.

60) One page of Scrap booking-“Walk Down Memory Lane – The Good Old Days”.

61) An Old School Report Card – your oldest.

62) A Family Heirloom – with story attached separately mounted. (Item to be displayed in our glass case).

Classes 58 -62 sponsored by Bonnie Covell.

Prize Money: Classes 58 -62

1st: $6.00; 2nd: $ 4.00; 3rd: $ 2.00



63. 1 quilt block – approximately 10” or 12” or 14” square, pieced, pattern named and mounted one edge on cardboard.

64. 1 quilt block – approximately 10” or 12” or 14” square, hand-appliquéd, pattern named and mounted one edge on cardboard.

Class 63 & 64 sponsored by Lanark County Quilters Guild.

Prize Money: Classes 63 & 64

1st: $6.00; 2nd: $ 4.00; 3rd: $ 2.00


Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (O.A.A.S) Hand Quilted Competition

Eligibility, Rules & Regulations for O.A.A.S. Hand Quilt

Competition -judging at local fairs. In order to qualify for the

O.A.A.S. Annual Championship Quilt Competition, all suitably-sized first-prized quilts will be included in this competition.

A) Entries must be solely made and HAND QUILTED by the exhibitor and exhibited and judged at a local (O.A.A.S.) Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Fair to be eligible for this competition.

B) Entry quilts must be a MINIMUM of 324” measured on the perimeter (smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to next levels of competition).

C) Judging will occur at local fairs and district levels. A Provincial Grand Champion Judge will be selected at the Annual Convention of the O.A.A.S.

D) Upon making an entry into the O.A.A.S. Quilt Competition, the Exhibitor agrees to participate in any promotional activities related to the competition.

E) The winning O.A.A.S. Champion Quilt will not be eligible to compete in any future District and/ or O.A.A.S. competitions.

F) The winner’s name to be displayed at the Fair on a sign provided by the O.A.A.S.




Please refer to the O.A.A.S. website for further details of the quilt competition. (see competitions at www.ontariofairs.org)


65. Quilt, , hand quilted – hand appliquéd, pattern named, a MINIMUM of 324” measured on the perimeter – sma

66. Quilt, pieced – hand quilted, pattern named, a MINIMUM of 324” measured on the perimeter – sma

67. Quilt, machine quilted by the exhibitor – pattern named, total perimeter measurement to be minimum 324”. Note: the article can be square, rectangular, etc. – sma.

68. Quilt, any technique, any size, hand quilted – sma

69. Quilt, any technique, any size, machine quilted – sma

70. Quilt, any technique, any size, machine quilted, long arm machine, quilter if different, to be named on entry tag.- sma.

71. Art quilt, any technique, any size.- sma

Prize Money : Classes 65 – 71

1st : $30.00         2nd: $25. 00     3rd: $20.00



72) Crib Quilt, any technique -sma.

73) Quilt top, unfinished, ready to be layered -sma.

74) Afghan crocheted -sya.

75) Afghan knit -sya.

76) Article of hand-made jewellery.

77) Quilted Table Topper, any technique, maximum width 30”. -sma, sya.

78) A completed article of counted cross-stitch -sya.

79) Handmade greeting card.

80) Antique article of hand work, accompanied by a short history.

81) Bed runner, quilted -sma.

82) Wall hanging, fused appliqué -sma.

83) Have you just finished an excellent piece of work only to find there is not a class to show it in? Enter it here in class:

A) fabric.

B) yarn and/or threads.

C) crafts.

Class 83:

Sponsored by Knit Knackers Yarn Warehouse, Smiths Falls.

Prize Money: Classes 72 – 83

1st: $10:00; 2nd: $ 5.00

Highest Points in Classes 43 – 83:

$25.00 – Donated by Joanna Austin



84) Christmas table runner -sma

85) Christmas stocking -sma, sya.

86) Three different handmade ornaments.

87) Handmade Christmas card.

88) Two Christmas placemats -sma.

89) Christmas apron, any medium -sma, sya

90) Christmas door decoration.

91) Small Christmas gift basket -5 non­ perishable items maximum.

92) Decorated Christmas gift bag, any medium, any size -sma, sya.

93) Christmas wall hanging -maximum 30” x 30”.

Prize Money : Classes 84 -93:

1st : $6.00         2nd: $4. 00     3rd: $2.00

Highest points in Christmas Corner: $20.00 -Donated by Marjorie Walker



Open to seniors 65 years and over living at home or in a retirement home facility.

94) A collection of pictures of me through the years, – state age under each picture.

95) An article of knitting.

96) An article of crocheting.

97) A sample of painting or colouring.

98) A sample of penmanship – 8 lines, not original.

Prize Money : Classes 94 -98:

1st : $6.00         2nd: $4. 00     3rd: $2.00

$30.00 -Donated by Louise Blair for these classes.



Community Service Project

The O.A.A.S. has challenged all Ontario Fairs to participate in a “Community Challenge”. The project we have chosen is Touch Quilt – for use in training tactile skills eg. Buttons, laces, zippers. All entries will be donated to a local charity.

(Tip: A useful website  www.quirkyquilt.com)

99) Place Setting Competition: “Lets Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday” by having a dinner party. Using table accessories, table covering, and a place setting; show us how you would set your table. Space will be provided for displaying. Space allocated is 30 inches or 76 centimetres wide.

Prize Money Class 99:

1st: $30:00; 2nd: $20.00; 3rd 15.00; 4th $10.00

Sponsored by: The Lombardy Ladies Club (formerly Lombardy’s Women’s Institute)

Any questions, call Helene at 283-2559 or Aline Hicks at 283-5797.


Section WM – Winemaking

<<<<<NO CLASSES IN 2017>>>>>




Section WW – Wood working

pdf icon copyChairperson: Earl Hicks.
Entry fee is 10% of prize money
All rules of the fair shall apply.
(Updated March 2, 2017)
Class …………… Description

  1. A cane or walking stick.
  2. Any item turned on a lathe.
  3. Article made from recycled wood.
  4. Bird house or feeder.
  5. Item made from fret or scroll work.
  6. A child’s toy or game.
  7. A Piece of folk art.
  8. A chip carved Christmas ornament.
  9. Any item made from found materials in nature.
  10. Any article of wood working older than 50 years.

Prize money: Classes 1 – 10

1st – $8.00, 2nd – $6.00, 3rd – $4.00



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