Lombardy Fair

Presented by the Lombardy Ag. Society

2017 Rules & Regulations of the Lombardy Agricultural Society


a) All entries entitled to a premium must be the Bona Fide property of the exhibitor.

b) No prizes shall be given for a farm or a dairy product that is not the growth and produce of the exhibitor or a member of the exhibitor’s family during the present year and only one entry can be made in each kind.

c)  The Judge shall have the power to refuse to award to any article or animal not considered worthy.

d) Any person making known to the Judge any article or animal that he/she has on exhibit shall forfeit any prize he/she may otherwise be entitled to.

e) The Board of Directors or a majority of the Board of Directors shall have the power to settle and decide all disputes that may arise among members of the Society in a matter connected therein and decisions of the Board shall be final.

f) Persons may become members of the Lombardy Agricultural Society by paying to the Secretary/Treasurer the sum of five dollars ($5.00). This membership allows the person to vote on all matters concerning the operations of the Society except to be eligible to vote at the Election of Officers or hold office, the person must have been a member in good standing for ONE FULL YEAR.

g) A fee of five dollars ($5.00) shall be withheld from the prize money of each and every exhibitor winning ten dollars ($10.00) and over, and shall be placed to the credit of the Society for the following year. The membership for the following year allows the person to vote on matters concerning the operations of the Society.

h) All entries in Flora Culture, Field Crops, Wine, Wood Working, Garden Produce, School Work and Junior Work and all sections of the Homecraft Division MUST be in the display building by 9:00 PM on Thursday evening prior to the Fair and remain on display until 4:00 PM of the last day of the Fair.

i) Separate items must be entered for the Special Prize Section in the grain, field crops, garden produce, junior work and all sections of the Homecraft Divisions.

j) No person shall be allowed to act in any class in which he/she is an exhibitor.

k) All articles exhibited shall be at the risk of the exhibitor but the Society will use all reasonable means to secure the safe keeping of articles on exhibit.

l) Any exhibitor using any falsehood or misrepresentation in relation to the article or animal exhibited shall forfeit all rights to the Society during the year which such falsehood or misrepresentation occurred.

m) In any class with only one exhibitor, the Board reserves the right to pay only half of the designated prize money.

n) Animals competing or winning prizes in the ordinary list may also be awarded prizes in the Specials List. Exhibitors are limited to one entry in the Special Classes. (Not applicable to Livestock entries).

o) Merchandise, prizes and/or gift certificates are to be picked up from the Fair office after 4 PM on the last day of the Fair.   Specials not picked up within two weeks of the Fair closing will become the property of the Society.

p) Any protest MUST be filed in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer within six (6) days of the Fair. Protests MUST give definite and precise grounds. The Board of Directors will decide on all cases and their decision will be final.   Any party making a protest must make a deposit of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) as a guarantee of good faith.   Such deposit will be refunded upon proving the protest but otherwise will be retained by the Society and added to the funds of the Society.

q) In the event there should be insufficient funds to pay the Premium list in full, the Society may pay same on prorated basis except that all sponsored classes will be paid in full.

r) The Society does not assume any responsibility for any exhibitor errors on content. (copyright infringement)

s) The Society does not assume any responsibility or liability for any accident, damage, loss or theft which might occur before, during or after the Fair.

t) Each Livestock exhibitor must send a photocopy of Liability insurance with the entry forms prior to the Fair.

u) The Lombardy Agricultural Society reserves the right to close any concessions deemed in violation of any laws and/or regulations or deemed to be inappropriate for the Fair.

v) The Board of Directors reserves the right to interpret the above rules and regulations.

w) Privacy Policy: Any information collected by the Lombardy Agricultural Society regarding members, exhibitors, sponsors, directors and any other persons related directly to the business of the Society , will be solely used for the purposes of promotion of the Lombardy Agricultural Society and the Lombardy Fair: for processing payment of prize monies and other payments owed; for publication of the winner’s names in local papers: and for maintenance of their files and data base. Any member, exhibitor, commercial exhibitor, sponsor, or director realizes that when they agree to take part in the Lombardy Fair; that their names may be published for these reasons only. None of this information whatsoever will be sold or transferred to any outside party for any reason.


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